14 Most Valuable Hummel Figurines

What can be more fascinating than decorating the house with Hummel Figurines? They are my favorite decoration items. As for me, I chose to buy Hummel Figurines like Little Shopper, Goose Girl, and Bust Student for my home. Not only are they embodiments of the Bavarian cultures from the early 20th century but also depict my taste in ancient art forms around the world. 

I just love the adorable characters and their eye-soothing pastel colors. If you research the history of Hummel Figurines, you will get the name, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, the creator of these rare antiques. First produced in 1935, they have been the manifestations of beauty, love, and affection till the present date. 

Whether they’re adorable or horrifying, Hummel sculptures are undeniably timeless. Maria Innocentia Hummel, a religious artist, and Goebel, a German porcelain manufacturer, formed a partnership in 1935 to produce Hummel figurines.

Until her death in 1946, Maria made set after set of charming porcelain figurines. In the wake of her death, Goebel continued to manufacture Hummel figurines based on previously undiscovered sketches by the artist.

Hummel figurines bring viewers back to a more carefree era of childhood wonder. They’re the ultimate “grandma collectible” because they focus on childlike innocence and whimsy. Tokens’ value is highly volatile as a result. Several decades-old Hummel figurines can be found for under $5. Others can be worth tens of thousands.

Hummel figurines are known for having recurring figures, which is another reason they’re so popular. The Little Fiddlers of 1935 and 1985 look alike in many ways, but they may not be the same.

Most Valuable Hummel Figurines

Figures with a high rarity level are worth more money than those with a low level of rarity. Look at some of the most sought-after Hummel figurines and their estimated values.

It’s not uncommon for early Hummel figures to turn up on the market as sought-after heirlooms. Use this data to update your price guide for Hummel figurines. Here is a list of Rare Hummin Figurines.

1. Puppy Love

Hummel Figurines

Arthur Moeller modeled Puppy Love Hummel in 1935 as a TMK-1. A standing child plays the violin for his pet dog at his feet. The dog looks up at his owner with cocked ears and appreciates the music.

In early models, the Boy’s head was inclined differently and lacked a tie. These limited-edition models are uncommon and worth $3,000 to $4,000 each. Among the earliest Puppy Love examples, Goebel made some using a pot. These samples are rare and worth $4,000-$5,000 if found.

2. The Little Fiddler

Hummel Figurines

A limited edition of 50 Little Fiddler figurines was made in 1985. During manufacture, Goebel painted the base of these 714-inch statues gold.

The Little Fiddler is a Puppy Love variant. The cute dog is missing. The child looks over his right shoulder while playing the violin. These limited edition pieces include a back stamp reading “50” to reflect that the Little Fiddler was made to honor M.I. Hummel’s 50th anniversary.

3. Bookworm

Hummel Figurines

Bookwork is an early Hummel figure and a collector’s favorite. Despite its age, this figurine’s detail makes it desirable. The figure depicts a seated girl with her legs stretched out and her hand on her cheek. She examines a book with a duck and a flower. The girl wears a green dress with an orange bib/apron and bowtie.

The TMK-1 figure is part of Maria Innocentia’s autobiographical series about her passion for art and knowledge.

4. The Merry Wanderer (32″)

Hummel Figurines

The Merry Wanderer, a Hummel design from the early 1900s, is still highly sought after today. Hummel’s trademark image features a young child carrying a backpack and an umbrella. However, newer ones are only about $200, whereas vintage examples from 1935 might fetch thousands of dollars. Take advantage of estate sales if you can get your hands on an early version of this item for a fair price!”

5. Congratulations

Hummel Figurines

1935 is when Reinhold Unger invented the Congratulation figure. The early models were called ‘I Congratulate,’ and the girl had no socks.

In this festive figure, a girl wears a blue button-down dress and brown shoes. She holds a container of yellow flowers where a hummingbird perches. The girl carries a horn in her left hand to indicate the celebration.

In 1971, master sculptor Gerhard Skrobek added socks and changed the girl’s haircut. In this variant, the horn’s handle is backward.

Congratulations figure without socks is marked TMK-2 and has a complete bee trademark, whereas the subsequent version has TMK-6 but no bee trademark.

6. Infancy of Gabriel

Hummel Figurines

Tokyo Manual of Japanese Ideology. This adorable Hummel figurine depicts a young kid in a simple outfit who happens to be sporting a stunning pair of angel wings. He also plays the angelic trumpet with enthusiasm.

7. Shepherd, thee

Hummel Figurines

This unusual Hummel depicts a little child in a shepherd’s hat and long cloak. Both lambs join him, one on his back and the other at his feet. They are both newborns. Lambs appear to be staring at one another.

8. The Goose Girl

Hummel Figurines

The Goose Girl Hummel shows a young girl with her eyes fixed on the two geese crammed against her. They appear hungry as if they are searching for something to eat.

9. Worship

Hummel Figurines

The 1938 Reinhold Unger figurine “At the Wayside” was renamed “Devotion.” A young girl prays at a tower in Worship. A religious statue watches her. Palm leaves peek from behind the tower. The young lady carries a basket with one hand, signaling she stopped to pray and worship.

White-glazed variants are unusual and costly. Older figurines have an M.I. Hummel trademark on the base’s back, while newer ones have it on the shrine’s back.

10. Cellist in Training

Hummel Figurines

TMK 8 to 9

This unusual Hummel miniature depicts a devoted young musician. The tiny cellist makes his way around the neighborhood with a walking stick in one hand and a cello in the other. The cello is nearly as large as he is.

11. Ring Around The Rosie

Hummel Figurines

Ring Around the Rosie is a big M.I. Hummel figurine. The larger pieces are popular and more valuable.

These four girls are playing Ring Around the Rosie. The TMK-2 and 3 components are 6 34 to 7 inches tall, whereas subsequent versions are 634 inches tall.

Sculptor Gerhard Skrobek developed the figurine in 1957, but it wasn’t made until 1960. The Ring Around the Rosie was the 25th anniversary Hummel figurine. Some Ring Around the Rosie figurines have Goebel’s entire bee logo, although these are rare and only in the TMK2 to 8 range.

12. Picture Perfect

Hummel Figurines

A child with a camera takes a group portrait of his three friends with their toys and pets in Picture Perfect. It’s a 2000 figure by renowned sculptor Helmut Fischer.

2,500 Picture Perfect figurines were made worldwide. Artist models were built. The original pieces have a porcelain plaque, hardwood base, 2000 copyright date, and TMK-8 trademark on the figurine.

Despite being one of the newest M.I. Hummel figurines, a few were made, making Picture Perfect a valuable antique.

13. Forever Friends

Hummel Figurines

Two girls lean over a fence to observe a swan and her three babies in Forever Friends. A swan chick is yellow. Master sculptor Reinhold Unger created this Hummel in 1940. The first type was red terra cotta with the TMK-1 crown logo at the bottom.

Few initial models were made, making this figurine rare and valuable. Limited-edition figurines were released in 2007. 1,000 of these were made. Forever Friends figurines with an identification plate are more valuable than the originals.

14. School Boys And School Girls

Hummel Figurines

Arthur Moeller created School Boys and School Girls in 1937. The figurines were first called Prime Girl, Little Scholar, and School Days and are coveted due to their age. The figurines show small school boys and girls speaking and carrying their school supplies.

The School Boy and School Hummel figurines are commonly bought together. Earlier TMK-1 versions included girls in orange skirts and tops. The females donned dark blouses and crimson dresses with darker socks in subsequent models.

Rare Hummel Figurines Value 2022

1. Merry-Go-Round

A possible market price range of $26,000-$40,000

The Merry Wanderer figurine is among the best in the M.I. Hummel collection. There is an image of a young child with a bag and an umbrella over his shoulder. Skips around the fields, looking happy as can be.

Compared to other Hummel figurines, this one has been duplicated more frequently and in a broader range of sizes than any other figurine. To commemorate Goebel’s 100th anniversary in 1971, artist Gerhard Skrobek produced a six-foot-tall model.

To commemorate the closure of the Goebel Collector’s Club’s New York headquarters, Skrobek sculpted a second 8-foot-tall sculpture in 1987.

One of the most sought-after Hummel figurines, Merry Wanderer, is one of the most sought-after and valuable Hummel sculptures.

2. The Serbian Youngster

$2,200 is the current market value.

The Serbian Boy depicts a young boy dressed in traditional Serbian garb from the region’s colonial era with a white shirt, dark brown vest, and a cap.

Additionally, he wears an orange waistband and brown shoes. Serbian string instrument, the gusle, is also shown being played by the youngster. Reinhold Unger made the Serbian Boy figure part of the International collection.

3. Hummel Music Figurines

For the more expensive Hummel music boxes, the lower section of the box is constructed of wood, and the top shows a conventional Hummel figurine that spins as the music plays. Enter the piece’s Hummel number, a slash, and the letter “M.” to identify the music box. There is no “M” on the top of the figure removed from the top. In the example of Joyful, HUM IV/53, the IV prefix precedes the HUM number.

How To Identify Hummel Figurines

I will share some tips by which you can identify Hummel Figurines. 

Identify the Hummel by numbers.

Identifying hummels by their numbers is one of the simplest ways that you can try. Every Hummel Figurine includes a unique Hummel number. It is considered the model number which is assigned by Goebel.  

A Hummel Figurine number is a 1 to 4-digit incised number. For example, ‘Little Shpper’ has the HUM number 96. Now, if you see a whole or plain HUM number, it means the Hummel Figurine was designed in only one size. 

If a Hummel Figurine is designed in a different size other than its original, you will see a size designator beside the HUM number. If it is larger than its original, you will see a Romal numeric. If it is smaller than its original, you will see an Arabic number followed by a sign like this: /0. 

For example, ‘Goose Girl’ includes the HUM number 47. Here, the standard size is 47 and 47/0. Now, it is made larger, the HUM number will be 47/III. If it is made smaller, the HUM number will be 47 3/0. 

Identify Hummel by name. 

Sometimes, you may not be aware of the HUM number. In such cases, you can identify Hummel Figurine by its name. However, everything you do with your Hummels needs the HUM number. So, you better have the HUM number with you. 

Below, I am sharing some of the popular Hummel Figurines with their HUM numbers so that you can identify them easily.

Hummel NamesHUM Numbers
1978 Let’s Sing700
1979 Farewell701
1980 Thoughtful702
1981 In True703
1982 She Loves Me704
1983 Knit One705
1984 Mountaineer706
1985 Sweet Song707
1986 Sing Along708
1987 With Loving Greetings709
1988 Bust Student710

Identify Hummel by TMK

This is one of the important tips to identify Hummel Figurines. Search for the TMK or the Goebel Trademark at the bottom of the Hummel. You see the company’s logo (different logos for different time periods). If you see TMK-2 or TMK-3. It is much older and worth buying. 

How To Sell Hummel Figurines

Before you sell your Hummel Figurines, there are some things that you need to know. You can get $50 to $75 for many Hummel Figurines. But the price can increase depending on some factors. Here they are

  • Age
  • Condition of the Hummel Figurine
  • Size and complexity
  • Rarity
  • Demand for the antique

After you know about all these factors, you should be aware of where you can sell your Hummel Figurines. There are some authentic places where you can get the best value for your Hummel Figurines.

Estate Sales

If your Hummel Figurine is a part of an estate, you can consider selling it in an estate sale. It will be the main selling point of the event and attract more customers. You may set the price of the Hummel to sell it at a fair market value. 

Internet Websites

There are many online websites like eBay and Craigslist where you may list your Hummel Figurines for sale. One popular website for antiques like this is Ruby Lane. you may consider it for getting the best value for the Hummels.

Auction Houses

Auction houses are one of the best-selling places for Hummels. Many auction organizations arrange events for selling antiques like this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Hummel statues valuable?

Due to the rarity of these pieces, they are among the most sought by collectors.

2. Are old Hummels more valuable?

If there are any signs of repair or damage, the value will be destroyed (and this cannot be easy to detect). It’s advisable to start by looking at the condition of your Hummels and then the mark underneath. Hummels have been created for decades, and each mark on the bottom indicates a distinct era. Older people are often better than younger ones.

3. How to clean Hummel Figurines?

Use a light soap or shampoo or a gentle cloth to clean the area. Necessary: If a Hummel figurine is cleaned with soap and water, it will become as slick as ice. Make sure you’re cleaning over anything that will keep the Hummel in your hands if it does happen to fall off. How to get rid of the silvery sheen on your skin

4. How much are Hummel Figurines worth?

Hummel figurines can sell for a lot of money, but the average one is only worth about $50.

5. What are Hummel Figurines worth?

Rare Hummels can sell for five figures at auction, even though the average price of a Hummel is $50. There’s no harm in staying if you have a Hummel figure but aren’t sure how much it is worth. What if this is a real gem?

6. Are Hummel Figurines worth anything?

Hummels often sell for $50 or less, although some are worth hundreds of dollars, and some rare Hummels can fetch upwards of five figures at auction. Stick around if you’ve got a Hummel figurine but don’t know its value. Perhaps it’s a hidden treasure.


While their simplicity and charm give a sense of childhood purity, Hummel’s sculptures also have spiritual power.

They’re more than just cute statues; some are worth a few dollars. Many Hummel figurines are indeed lovely to look at, but their monetary worth isn’t worth considering. This list of the most valuable Hummel figurines could be helpful if you’re trying to sell or buy some.