15 Rare & Most Expensive Hot Wheels

One of the coolest toys ever is a set of Hot Wheels. They are, for the most part, a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the cars of our dreams (even fantasy cars) without taking up valuable room in our houses or money accounts.

You would be better off purchasing many real dream sports cars than attempting to get some of these most expensive Hot Wheels vehicles because some of these Hot Wheels vehicles have grown to be so crazily rare and sought after.

Despite being simply toys, tiny automobiles can be extremely expensive. There’s a decent possibility you own some Hot Wheels or other toy cars if you even have a passing interest in automobiles. It is now regarded as a very rare and collectible car.

You can probably spend any amount of money you desire on this item, as you can with other collectibles. The vast majority of vintage Hot Wheels vehicles have values ranging from a few dollars to as much as $20 for the most desirable ones.

But the top 15 most costly Hot Wheels vehicles ever are on an entirely different level. Some are entirely made-up fantasy cars, while others are Ferraris and classic muscle cars.

Here are the Hot Wheels to look out for at the next garage sale, without further ado.

Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars Of All Time

Green open fire

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

Paul Tam created the Green Open Fire, which was released in 1972. WealthyGorilla claims that this was the first Hot Wheels vehicle to have a second row of wheels and an absurdly large engine.

The car’s enormous worth is humorous because it most resembles an AMC Gremlin. A Gremlin or this toy is your choice. Choose carefully.

1970 Red Ferrari 312P with white interior

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

Both the American and the Hong Kong markets received this rare little number. Despite the outrageous price tag, only 20 Ferrari 312Ps with white inside are believed to have ever been produced.

These miniature Ferraris can still sell for a significant sum even without the white interior.

1971 Spectraflame purple bye-focal

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

The Barris-Esque fantasy cars dominated Hot Wheels in the early 1970s.

Based on a 1970 Dodge Challenger, the Spectraflame sports two V8 engines beneath its “glass” hood as opposed to the Challenger’s single engine.

The purple version of the Spectraflame is the rarest, despite the model being very uncommon on its own. Take note of the tires’ red lines.

Hot Wheels cars from this era are unimaginatively referred to as “Redline” Hot Wheels cars. One of the most uncommon Redline Hot Wheels is the purple Spectraflame.

1970 red baron with white interior

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

The Red Baron automobile is one of the most well-known production Hot Wheels ever created, despite the offensiveness of the WWI German soldier helmet.

The costliest Hot Wheels vehicles ever are those with white interiors, though. There aren’t many Red Barons with white interiors that are known to exist.

A collector purchased one in 2018 for $7,500 on eBay, according to WealthyGorilla.

1969 brown ’31 woody

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

One of the rarest toy automobiles in existence is the original Brown Woody. Even though Hot Wheels probably produced more, there are only 40 known to exist today.

1974 blue Rodger dodger

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

This small hot rod was also created by Larry Wood, the same designer who worked on the Spectraflame. The “Flying Colors” series included the Roger Dodger.

It was based on the 1973 Dodge Charger, and the “plum enamel” color was the most popular.

1968 python with cheetah base

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

The Cheetah is based on a 1963 Bill Cushenbery automobile. A 1960 Pontiac and a 1961 Corvair with a small block Ford engine served as the models.

It was given a makeover and given the name Tiger Shark shortly after the “Cheetah” introduction. Cheetahs are believed to be quite rare today. The majority were produced in red, but the orange ones are very expensive.

1969 Ed shaver blue AMX

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

To honor the collaboration between Mattel and Shaver, the Ed Shaver AMX was created. The racing livery is the only distinction between this and the standard AMX Hot Wheels.

1971 purple Oldsmobile 442

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

This model, another Larry Wood creation, belonged to the Mainline line. This Redline Hot Wheels vehicle is regarded by collectors as having the rarest overall casting.

1969 brown custom charger

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

This vehicle is modeled on a 1969 Dodge Charger, one of the greatest automobiles ever made. Only a very tiny number of the brown Custom Chargers were ever built during the two years it was in production.

1970 mad maverick base

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

This Hot Wheels vehicle ranks as the fifth most expensive one available. On the Ford Maverick from 1969, it is based. It made its debut in 1970 and continued to be produced until 1977.

The moniker “Mad Maverick” was hammered into the base underneath a very small percentage of them, though.

1968 over chrome Camaro

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

It was believed that the Antifreeze 1968 Over Chrome Camaro was mostly used for commercials and promotional campaigns, indicating that the vehicles were not production items.

When compared to toys designed for retail sales, this is fundamentally different.

1968 over chrome Mustang

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

The crazy uncommon is the Over Chrome Mustang. What does the Mustang, which had only two, stand in comparison to the other 20 Chrome Over variants, which were considered rare?

Also only ever intended for promotional purposes, this one. According to WealthyGorllia, this one was acquired for $40,000 at an estate sale from a trailer park’s collection.

It did, however how it got there is a mystery to us.

2008 Diamond-encrusted custom otto

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

Because it is coated in diamonds, this vehicle hardly qualifies as a legitimate collectible automobile.

Mattel pulled out the gold and diamonds to celebrate its 40th anniversary with something unique.

The Hot Wheels automobile wrapped in 18k white gold and diamonds was only sold for $60,000, but its estimated value is $140,000.

This one-of-a-kind Hot Wheels vehicle has taillights made of 2,700 diamond chips, white gold, and red rubies.

1969 pink VW beach bomb

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

Finally, we reached the priciest Hot Wheels vehicle ever. The Pink Beach Bomb is allegedly worth an astounding $175,000 and is also quite cool.

This van is a very uncommon Hot Wheels vehicle because it is believed that just two were ever produced.

Later, Mattel produced more pink vans with side-mounted surfboards to improve the functionality of the toy. The rear-mounted surfboard that is visible in this photo was only created as a prototype for the final product.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the oldest hot wheel?

1968 saw the creation of the first Hot Wheels vehicle, a midnight blue custom Camaro. From the Transformers movies, where Bumblebee turns into the muscle vehicle to save the day, you might recall the moniker Camaro.

Q2. What is Red Line Hot Wheels?

A “Redline” Hot Wheels car is one that was produced during the first ten years of their run, or between 1968 and 1977. The moniker “Redline” came about because each car at the time had a red stripe on its wheels.

Q3. Who owns the Pink Beach Bomb Hot Wheels?

Bruce Pascal started collecting Hot Wheels when he was seven years old, and a few years later he made the decision that he had to own the Pink Beach Bomb, the most expensive of them all.