8 Vintage Avon Jewelry: Guide On How to Identify

avon jewelry vintage

Avon may be best known for its cosmetics and fragrances, but collectors are quite interested in the jewellery they produced, particularly from the mid-1970s through the late 1990s. As a result of their rarity and high value, items intended for particular collections, like those by Kenneth Jay Lane and Elizabeth Taylor, are highly expensive. When … Read more

10 Most Valuable And Rare Unmarked Vintage Costume Jewelry

The ideal accessory is vintage costume jewelry. It enhances your appearance without going crazy or spending a fortune. Additionally, the dazzling objects in your grandmother’s worn-out shoebox may be worth more than a few dollars. Depending on the quality of the stones and materials used to make them, unique costume jewelry items can sell for … Read more

14 Most Valuable Hummel Figurines

Hummel Figurines

What can be more fascinating than decorating the house with Hummel Figurines? They are my favorite decoration items. As for me, I chose to buy Hummel Figurines like Little Shopper, Goose Girl, and Bust Student for my home. Not only are they embodiments of the Bavarian cultures from the early 20th century but also depict … Read more

Why Are Squishmallows So Expensive? (8 Reasons Why)

I have a toddler in my house and he loves to cuddle every time. So, I bought him a Squishmallow and it has become his favorite. The Squishmallow cost me around $51.99. But, why are Squishmallows so expensive? I researched the reason and found out that these are some rare and unique collectibles and their … Read more

Top 13 Most Expensive Basketball Cards

Most Expensive Basketball Cards

Growing up, I have always been around people who are extensively involved in sports, which turned me into a sports enthusiast. And above all the other team sports, basketball had a special place in my heart.  Being a huge fan of players like Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry, over the years, I have invested in … Read more

Vintage Oil Rain Lamp: Easy Guide of Making

oil rain lamp

A popular trend these days in the world of interior decorating is the use of speciality lighting as part of a design scheme, and nowhere has this been better exemplified than in the rise of the oil rain lamp. These beautiful lamps are a must-have item for any modern home; they look great and produce … Read more

9 Vintage And Most Valuable Coke Bottles

Most valuable coke bottle

Are you acquainted with the popular culture reference that describes girls with tiny waists, enough bosoms, and bums as “discern eight” and Coca-Cola our bodies? Wouldn’t it be a wonder if you analyzed that it wasn’t constantly this way? Sure, this famous drink isn’t usually available in a bottle formed just like in figure 8, … Read more

12 Most Valuable Metal Tonka Trucks

Metal Tonka Trucks are toy trucks for kids; many of them have a construction motif to them. Toy trucks were initially made of metal, but as the industry shifted its focus to plastic, they began producing a more and more significant number of these beloved vehicles. As a result, vintage metal Tonka Trucks are now … Read more