15 Rare & Most Expensive Hot Wheels

Most Expensive Hot Wheels

One of the coolest toys ever is a set of Hot Wheels. They are, for the most part, a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the cars of our dreams (even fantasy cars) without taking up valuable room in our houses or money accounts. You would be better off purchasing many real dream sports cars … Read more

Most Superior Sarah Coventry Jewelry: Price And Value

In case you are a fan and collector of old vintage costume jewelry with rich history, then we can assure you that Sarah Coventry’s jewelry will mesmerize you. These elegant vintage pieces of jewelry were made in the period the late 1940s to the mid-1980s, and are still a staple among socialites.  At this point, … Read more

Rarest And Valuable Old Glass Bottle Markings

valuable old glass bottle markings

Collecting various kinds of glass bottles is one of the most popular hobbies all over the globe – and too for a good reason. With each bottle adding up to your collection, a treasure trove of history comes along. From different markings and labeling to government warnings, different techniques, and much more. If you are … Read more

Top 20 Most Valuable Beanie Babies

Most Valuable Beanie Babies

I have been fascinated with collecting antiques for a quite long time. In this journey, I have come across, purchased, and collected many antique pieces such as original paintings, pottery items, and some pieces of jewelry as well. And not that long ago, I got introduced to the beanie babies. Ty beanie babies have always … Read more

Valuable Guide on Antique Pocket Watch Identification

antique pocket watch identification

Before the age of smartwatches, antique pocket watches ran the show. However, those have now become antique and of course priceless. It’s not unheard of to buy and sell such watches in auctions, and if you are thinking of doing the same, we can help you.  If you are selling a pocket watch or buying … Read more

Benjamin Moore Antique Jade: Complete Guide

Benjamin Moore was born in Ireland in 1855. In 1872, he settled in Brooklyn, New York. While working in the paint industry, Benjamin and his brother, William, founded Moore Brothers in 1883. Soon after, William left, and another brother, Robert Moore, joined. The company was reorganised as Benjamin Moore in 1889. Since then, Benjamin Moore … Read more