Benjamin Moore Antique Jade: Complete Guide

Benjamin Moore was born in Ireland in 1855. In 1872, he settled in Brooklyn, New York. While working in the paint industry, Benjamin and his brother, William, founded Moore Brothers in 1883. Soon after, William left, and another brother, Robert Moore, joined.

The company was reorganised as Benjamin Moore in 1889. Since then, Benjamin Moore has been a reputable company for house interior and exterior painting. Benjamin Moore’s Antique Jade uses grey tones, usually in shades of green.

Antique Jade 465 (Benjamin Moore)

What colour is it, review and how should it be used?

This colour is a collection of classic colours. These priceless, elegant, classy colours guarantee wonderful, usable colours all the time. The colours in this palette are as timeless as they are forward, and have been enjoyed by consumers and professionals for many years.

Antique Jade by Benjamin Moore, also known as Maid of the Mist CC-728′ in Canada. An earthy green shaded with hushed grey tones is Cambridge Green. HC-126 is another name forget your own digital colour of Cambridge Green and save time!

Antique Jade paint colour features

To explore the richer side of this colour, Hope, energy, knowledge, and generosity radiate from this opulent and saturated shade. Darkened and deep, this colour gives you a luxurious and emotional touch.

Each swatch can be peeled and stuck to your wall to help you visualise the actual colour in low-light situations. Depending on the screen resolution of your device, actual shades may vary from those in the product image of antique jade.

Antique Jade: Is it warm or cold?

Antique jade has a cool effect when you touch it and won’t even heat up if you rub it against the skin or squeeze it tightly with your palms. Imitation materials are typically good conductors of heat because they have plastic or glass that consumes more heat easily.

About antique jade, most people think that it’s a green stone, when in fact, jade comes in a variety of colours. In addition to the familiar green hues ranging from celadon to dark “spinach” green, antique jade may be white, lavender, yellow, brown, grey, or reddish-purple.

Another important thing to understand about jade is that there are two different types of jade stones: nephrite and jadeite. They can be found mainly in river beds or mined at depths of ten to twenty feet, and both come in all colours, though nephrite’s colours are less vivid than the colours of jadeite. Hence, identifying the two stone types is completely difficult.

How does lighting affect antique jade?

The shades of green will have an environmental impact on your room and let you feel close to nature. In addition, it brings wonderful energies into your life that transform negative energies into positive ones and lead to joy and love.

Antique Jade LRV.

The Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, is 19.8, a measurement commonly used by design professionals—such as architects and interior designers—to determine the percentage of light reflected from a surface. LRVs range from 0 to 100, with 100 being pure white and 0 being absolute black.

Antique jade undertones

The neutral effects of the shade make it more classy and simple at the same time. A number of undertones are visible to throw new light on it. On closer inspection, we can see that antique jade has greyish and bluish undertones. The reflecting radiation of the shades makes it cool and natural.

Similar colours

  • HC-140 Prescott Green: A light green with a greyish undertone.
  • Sagebrush CSP-770: Light green with a cool grey effect.
  • Woodland Green 459: A light shade of minty green evaluated by light blue.
  • PPG Paints Niagara Mist PPG10-30: light grey with a blue-green combination.
  • Coastal Crush PPG 1129-4 by PPG Paints: Light green with a hazy effect.
  • Sherwin Williams Rainwashed SW 6211: Grey in the concrete shade with green.
  • Slow Green SW 6456 by Sherwin Williams: Light grey with a light shade of mint.

The use of antique jade in the interior Give a short description and then explain the possible interior designs in point form.

The colour variety has a large variety of undertones that play numerous shades in the interior. Its neutral touch gives an outstanding background, and the rich green colour brings freshness. Antique Jade is extremely versatile and can be transformed into many styles with different shades.

Do you want to give your house a different look with Benjamin Moore? So let’s give a new interior look to the house with the awesome shades of Benjamin Moore’s antique jade.


benjamin moore antique jade

 Give your bedroom a natural and calm look! Looking for the perfect green shade? Start with antique jade. The king-sized bed, with a big headboard and green shades, will give a lavish look. Decorate your room with white or black interior items to give it a classy touch.


benjamin moore antique jade

Light blue-green shades are the best for bathroom corners. Antique jade wall painting with a combination of wooden flooring or black and white less slippery tiles will give an extraordinary and natural look to your bathroom.

Kid’s room

benjamin moore antique jade

Light colours, such as white or light blue-green, are ideal for children’s room wall paint because they bring the children closer to nature due to the presence of green. If they decorate their room with fewer interior items and let the room have some space, it will certainly give a good look. Set your kids’ rooms with Benjamin Antique Jade in such a way that you don’t have to change the room when they grow up.


benjamin moore antique jade

To give your kitchen a natural, clean look, green is the best option. Antique Jade wall painting with a combination of green-white shades is the current trend for your kitchen. Shelves should be large and open with green or white paint to make them look like a proper natural environment.

The use of antique jade for the house exterior

Benjamin Moore Antique Jade shades are outstanding for house exteriors. Keep the combination of blue-grey with enough space for boundaries. Framed large-sized windows and balconies will give a decent yet beautiful look to your house.

Even though many of you don’t want to colour the whole house in shades of green, Then what should be your preference? Light green or grey shades will be suitable for the front doors to give them an elegant look. Antique Jade is undoubtedly the best choice for your exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do painting contractors use Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore paint when Home Depot or Behr paint is much cheaper?

Benjamin Moore Antique Jade gives your house a natural and elegant touch that will make you feel close to the environment.

2. Is Benjamin Moore a good painter?

Yes, Benjamin Moore is the best of all.

3. What is Benjamin Moore’s highest quality paint?

Regal Select by Benjamin Moore has long been regarded as a high-quality paint.

4. Which interior paint brand is best for painting interior walls?

Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select

5. What’s the best brand of watercolour paints, and what makes them better?

Winson & Newton Cotman Water Colours. Is the best overall as it has 45 half-size pans in a broad row. Stunning shades, long-lasting with good transparency. You can carry it anywhere: to painting classes while travelling or at home.

6. What makes a certain brand of paint better than another?

It usually depends on the quality of the element and the added material inside the can. However, always check the manufacturing and expiration dates of the can.