12 Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

People who fancy owning posh vintage figurines often get discouraged due to the price tag. Some people in the 19th and 20th centuries felt a similar dilemma. 

Eventually, the demand for ceramic and porcelain figurines increased among the people and led to the Occupied Japan figurines. It started as an occupation to stop Japan from being hostile and supporting its economy and later became a collector’s delight. 

Depending on the timeline and history there are several types of figurines like occupied Japan figurines, wales made in Japan figurines, leftons figurines in Japan, and norcrest japan figurines. Each has its own value.

Figurines like Porcelain Frogs, American Lady, Bella Lady Head, and others that we have mentioned in the list below are some of the most valuable Occupied Japan Figurines.

Amateur collectors may find ‘Made in Japan’ and ‘Made in Occupied Japan’ interchangeable, however, they are not the same. The figurines from the post-World War 2 era were mostly Japanese copies of established Western models which retail for less than 100 USD.

Some of the highly valued Occupied Japan Figurines

Porcelain Lady and GE

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 300 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

It is a figurine of two people, a man and a woman of unknown origin. Both have a hefty disk at the bottom for preventing the two from falling over – a practice of the figurine makers in occupied Japan. 

The man and the lady are not supposed to be Japanese as they can be seen to be wearing European outfits. The lady seems to be smiling at someone while facing upwards and the man is courtesying. 

Bella Lady Head

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 274 USD

Year: 1940s

This is Bella. A beautiful white woman wearing red lipstick and a gorgeous jeweled hat on her head. 

This figurine was hand-painted by a skilled and competent potter in the 1940s. Multiple jeweled flowers can be seen mounted on her hat, along with some delicate gold detailing. 

Colonial Couple

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 265 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

Although the majority of the figurines from the era of occupation come with their own backstories, this one is an exception. So, the intent of the potter is up to your imagination.

The man in this figurine is either whispering something in the woman’s ears or tending her hair. Both are wearing European attires. It is a spectacular piece of art, and the cost is worth its value.

Martine Lady Head

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 264 USD

Year: 1940s

It is a part of another figurine group named Glamour Girls Collection. 

As per a common belief, this collection was probably being produced to promote consolatory beauty within Japan that got devastated by an atomic blast as well as poverty. 

This particular figurine can be seen to have a pale white face that is hand-painted, a bunch of jeweled flowers on top of her head, and pouting lips.

Hand Painted Kitty

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 199 USD

Year: 1940s

This vase cat figurine features an almost lifelike kitty that is bearing the burden of some flowers and bubbles. It has a powdery black body, white face, multiple Swarovski crystals, along with filigree settings. The flowers can be replaced if required.

Greer Lady Head

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 189 USD

Year: 1940s

These figurines resemble a middle-aged white woman. It is more than just a figurine as it can be utilized for keeping different things like lipsticks and powder.  

Vintage Dancing Woman

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 150 USD

Year: 1930s

It is an unusual figurine that you’ll find in the market. 

It’s a white figurine that was either created by an amateur or a highly experienced artist who tried to portray some subliminal message through it. Either way, they have been able to achieve something through this. 

Victorian Dancers

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 150 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

These sets of figurines were brought together by some collectors on the basis of their similarities. It is a way of getting a higher value for the figurines. The collection looks like a community of locals attending a show or event.

Tall Man and Woman

Price: Approx. 147 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

This figurine features a man who seems to be a soldier and a woman wearing a bodice. The man is holding a weapon belonging to an era before the occupation. Moreover, some designs can be seen on the pedestal.

Porcelain Frogs

Price: Approx. 132 USD

Year: 1940

These figurines have an intriguing design of frog-human. They have heads that look like frogs, and their body postures are human-like. 

Colonial Man and Woman

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Vintage porcelain dolls with the highest value: Approx. 125.49 USD

Year: 1940

This figurine may be featuring a couple from the Victorian era. The utilization of colors in these figurines indicates the skillfulness of their creator. 

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Moriyama Figurine Set

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 110 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

This set of figurines features a man and a woman. These two are authentic occupied japan figurines, as these have the writing under them. 

The figurines in this set are not very colorful compared to other figurines; however, the proof at the bottom of the block is a major reason behind its value and attractiveness. 

Twin Cats

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 101.75 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

There are several occupied Japanese dog figurines you can find in the market. However, this is a set of two cat figurines. 

These twin cats have a unique color combination: some red round spots on their slightly off-white body. It may remind you of Dalmatians. 

Vintage Monk Figurines

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Year: 1945 – 1952

Price: Approx. 100 USD

The appearances of the monks in this collection have a real connection with Japan. They look like they are about to spill some harsh truth about life. 

There are a total of 15 pieces in this collection, and although they may not bring high profit individually, together they can bring high value. 

Marceaux Collection

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 100 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

The creator of this collection not only made figurines of people but also teacups and saucers. Two people can be seen playing guitars, and the others seem to enjoy the music. 

Porcelain Girls Holding Pots in Hands

Price: Approx. 98.01 USD

Year: 1940s

The artist can make the characters of their creation do anything and hold anything, including pots. This set has two girls standing while holding pots.

Horse Drawn Cinderella Carriage 

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 75 USD

Year: 1940s

Horse-drawn carriages were mainly used by higher-class men and women. There might be a story behind these figurines, however, it’s lost. The woman in this figurine is either getting in or out of the carriage. 

Girl and Boys Figurines

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 74.50 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

This set features three kids – two girls and a boy. In addition, the artists decided to give them some pets to keep them company. 

Yamabushi Tengu Kutani Ware

Price: Approx. 72.01 USD

Year: 1945

It features Yamabushi Tengu, who is a mountain goblin, sitting on his knees.

Art Deco Clown Band

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 70.40 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

This set features a band of four clowns playing different musical instruments. One of them may not be an original part of the collection, however it fits the set perfectly. 

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American Lady

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 70 USD

Year: 1945 – 1951

The creator may have created this 15.5cm piece of art after getting inspired by an American lady walking down the streets of Japan on a windy day.

Vintage Man and Lady

Price: Approx. 65 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

These figurines portray folks from way back in history than the others in this list, and have brief detailings.

Vintage Set

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 50 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

Although these are quite cheap, the sentiment behind them increases the value.

Vintage Figurines Playing Instrument

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 49.99 USD

Year: 1945 – 1952

The attire of these figurines depicts occupied Japan. The creator might have been introspective here.

Japanese Man and Woman

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Price: Approx. 32 USD

Year: 1945

Both the man and the woman in this set are wearing kimonos with intricate details, and triangle straw hats on their heads. The man is holding a basket and folding his right leg on top of the left, and the woman is holding a flower probably taken from the man’s basket. 

How To Identify Occupied Japan Figurines

There are multiple figurines existent in the artistry world, and some of them share an excellent resemblance with the occupied Japanese ones. Hence, to identify an Occupied Japan figurine, look for the ‘Occupied Japan’ stamp’.

Usually, the stamp can be found at the bottom of the figurine. You can check its existence by turning the figurine upside down. The stamp should be either in Red or Black paint.

If a figurine is a part of a collection, it may not have a stamp although it’s original. Some potters often stamp on one or two items and pack the others without the stamp in one box. However, it’s an exception.

In the case of the metal figurines, the stamp ‘Occupied Japan’ should be embossed on them.

Remember, original stamps do not get washed or rubbed off, ever.

How Much Are Made In Occupied Japan Figurines

The price of an Occupied Japan figurine is dependent on various factors, such as its condition, value, historical significance, height, etc. The price for these figurines can be as cheap as 5 dollars to as high as 300 dollars and more.

What Is The Value Of Made In Occupied Japan Figurines?

Made in Occupied Japan figurines may not be worth much as they are copies of some original American and European designs. However, they are not completely worthless either.

The original producers such as Meissen, Hummel, and Royal Doulton were known for using top-quality materials for making their figurines, which is a major reason behind their high value. So, due to the utilization of cheaper materials, made in occupied Japan, figurines value significantly less.

However, few exceptions exist, such as figurines that are made with good material although cheap are present.  

Below, we’ve mentioned some value appreciation factors that may help you in determining the true value of an Occupied Japan figurine.

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Certificate of Authenticity

If you’re a seller, adding a certification to a rare original Occupied Japan figurine will allow you to increase its value, worth, and sentiment.

And, if you’re a buyer, you should always check the authenticity and legitimacy of the certificate and figurine before purchasing to analyze its true value.

Classic Characters

The figurines which represent any character from classic Japanese, European, or other cultures are of high value. Hence, you should do proper research before selling or buying such figurines to understand thier worth and value.

Special Characters

Figurines that feature any special character from antiquity worth much, and the collectors are always ready to pay high for them. 

Full-length Characters

The bold-sized full-length figurine is always worth more than the smaller ones. As these figurines can grab attention with their details more quickly, collectors are more eager for them. 

Occupied Japan figurines that are not more than 8 inches are generally valued under the 5-dollar range.

Multiple Characters

Figurines featuring multiple characters attract more profit than single ones.

However, random figurines that do not acquire inherent sentiments and look haphazard rather than organized – are not very attractive to experienced collectors. 

Historical Significance

Figurines that feature any specific character, or event with historical significance are highly valued. As an example, the Colonial man and woman figurines are reminiscent of people and history, and they are of high value as they offer sentimental value.

Current Condition

The condition of the figurine is one of the most crucial factors that determine its value and worth. In case the figurine is broken, faded, chipped, or cracked, the value will decrease automatically.

Are Occupied Japan Figurines worth anything?

The Occupied Japan figurines are substantial copies of numerous existing and original American and European pieces of art that belong to multiple famous sculptors. It is the reason that the Occupied figurine Japan is not worth very much.

Know About Some Precious Occupied Japan Figurines

Moreover, back at the time when these figurines were created, the economy of Japan was going through a lot of turbulence. Due to that, the Japanese artists and sculptors could not afford high materials and rather used cheap materials for creating these pieces. 

And it is another reason why Occupied Japan figurines aren’t worth that much money.

However, there are still some pieces that are high quality as well.

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